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Ice dams

Ice dams on the roof: a problem you can prevent.

Homeowners have good reasons to be afraid of ice dams. These thick accumulations of ice along the eaves of a roof can damage gutters and roof shingles, while also causing water to leak into the house. The good news is that this distressing damage is avoidable. Check out our slide show to learn how … [Read More...]


Winterizing Your Home

Scared about cold drafts and high heating bills? Here’s what to do about it. Cold drafts. Chilly floors. High heating bills. We all have the same worries as winter approaches. But advice on how to avoid these discomforts varies greatly. Depending on who you’re talking to, you might be led to … [Read More...]

crawl space floor products

What’s in store for your crawl space floor?

Material and treatment options depend largely on the condition of your crawl space If you’ve been reading about crawl spaces at, this blog topic won’t come as a surprise. Among the many questions and comments on crawl space topics, quite a few are about floor issues. So let’s … [Read More...]

Entry Door

Choosing a new entry door

Make the most of an energy-saving upgrade that also has a big impact on curb appeal  Let’s be clear. Replacing an old entry door with a new ENERGY STAR® door will not have the same impact on comfort and energy savings as sealing leaky ductwork or upgrading attic insulation. But unlike many other … [Read More...]


Avoiding Sick Building Syndrome

Improving your home’s indoor air quality will protect family members from invisible pollutants that can cause serious health problems Normally I like to begin a blog with a few sentences that explain the importance of the topic I’m planning to cover. But the best way to emphasize the … [Read More...]

Tight attic spaces

Craftsmanship in the Attic

What’s so difficult about an attic insulation upgrade? Plenty. For just about any kind of job you might imagine, there are distinct differences between doing the work and doing the work REALLY WELL. This rule applies across every profession, from cleaning houses to managing stock portfolios. … [Read More...]

Vapor Barrier Installation

What You Need to Know About Vapor Barriers

Controlling moisture has challenged builders for thousands of years. Too much of it inside a structure can lead to rot, mold, insect infestations. Consequently, roofs and siding, weather-tight windows and doors, and waterproofed basements were developed. It’s one thing, however, to keep water out … [Read More...]


Hot water without a water heater

A surefire way to cut energy expenses: Let another appliance heat the water you use for washing. “Domestic hot water” –the heated water used for washing clothes, dishes and people— is the third-largest energy cost in most households, only exceeded by heating and cooling expenses. Statistics … [Read More...]


Case Study: Geothermal brings 1830s Farmhouse into 21st Century will be producing a series of energy-upgrade case studies. The first describes a job done in 2013 by Halco Energy. Halco was recently recognized as “best in the country” in a field of over 1,900 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractors nationwide. It is a member of the Dr. … [Read More...]

Home Energy Audit Checklist

Why pay for a home energy audit?

Getting a comprehensive, whole-house analysis will enable you to make the right improvements in the right order. A home energy audit is an important first step if you’re aiming to improve indoor comfort and air quality, while also reducing the amount of money spent on electricity and heating … [Read More...]