While I normally write about practical design (a.k.a., things you can see), my overall objective is to help homeowners fall in love with their homes. If your rooms are uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how beautiful they are.

A pretty house with ugly room temperatures is not that different than that pretty girl in high school with a mean streak.

When we see beautifully designed rooms in Houzz and Pinterest, we only need one of our five senses to interpret it. When you’re actually standing in a room, there are many more factors to take it – including the temperature of the room.

If your upstairs rooms are a hot mess in the summer, prepare yourself for the inevitable clutter that comes with a spontaneous family sleepover in the family room as kids and parents alike escape the heat in a primal instinct to survive (or at least get a good night’s sleep).

Cluttered living room with kids sleepover

Most of us would rather spend our budget on things we can see rather than invisible improvements. But unless you intend to enjoy your home only in pictures…well…you get the picture.

So how can you spend the least amount necessary to fully enjoy every room in your home? By addressing the low-lying fruit first. Which, ironically, is up in the attic.

old insulation in attic

old insulation in attic

It may seem counter-intuitive, but most homes have too little attic insulation and too many air leaks. As a result, your comfortable (heated or cooled) interior air leaks outside, while uncomfortable temperatures make their way inside. Talk about a waste of money!

Think about it – if you replace the insulation in your attic, you will spend less on utilities. Which means you’ll end up with more of your budget available for the improvements you can see. You know, the pretty stuff.

Before you spend money on expensive upgrades that MIGHT be the problem, take a peak at your attic insulation. It’s certainly worth looking into, and a good place to start.