Why Your Attic is the 1st Step in Improving Home Performance

“A” is for Attic in the “ABC” Approach to an Efficient Home

Too little insulation and too many air leaks are common problems in many attics. As a result, an astonishing amount of heat is lost through the attic during the wintertime throughout the U.S. In summer, attic temperatures climb and when the attic is in the 140-degree range, some rooms will also remain hot, even when air conditioning is keeping the rest of the house comfortably cool.

Instead of blaming the HVAC system for comfort problems and high utility bills, it’s important to address any attic deficiencies that make your HVAC system work too hard. Fortunately, the attic is accessible and insulating and air sealing the attic is an affordable home improvement measure. Making the attic your first home-performance priority can cut your heating and cooling expenses nearly in half – without the major expense of HVAC system replacement.

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