Many dog and cat owners have pet doors installed for the sake of convenience, eliminating the need to get up and open the door every time your pet wants out or in. But pet doors provide another important benefit that has to do with comfort and energy efficiency. When it’s uncomfortably hot or cold outside, a pet door can reduce the amount of conditioned interior air that escapes to the outside. Since you’re no longer involved in your pet’s comings and goings, you won’t have to endure blasts of frigid winter air or sweltering heat and humidity.

A pet door is an energy-efficient and convenient solution for pet owners

Pet Mountain’s Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door

Like your pets, doors vary in size/style

Pet doors come in kit form, with prices that begin under $60 and climb above $300. Different sizes are available, and there’s good information online about ordering the right size for your pet. Some kits are designed for installation in an exterior wall, while others fit in openings cut in exterior doors. Pet doors designed for energy efficiency typically have a pair of resilient flaps with magnetized weatherstripping designed to provide an air seal when the door isn’t in use. Some doors are equipped with a rigid panel that can slide down over the opening when you don’t want the door to operate.

“Energy-conscious pet owners across America have installed pet doors to reduce their monthly energy cost, provide home security, and convenience for the whole family.” – Gina Hauth,


Unless you’re an experienced DIYer, it’s probably best to have a pet door professionally installed. We give this project a “Go 4 Pro” difficulty rating.

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